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Commonly Asked Questions:

"Are these trips safe for my child?" - We partner with IVHQ to ensure traveler safety, and practice safe travel protocol. Youth always travel in groups and with chaperones at all times. While we are still traveling to Developing Countries, we do keep in mind the climate of worldly events, and trip cancellation can occur if the team feels it is unsafe. While staying abroad, all food is prepared by a team of certified professionals, and the group stays in a gated and "certified safe" volunteer home designated by IVHQ.

"Does my child have to be vaccinated for COVID-19?" - Youth do not have to be vaccinated for COVID-19, however, it is highly suggested as it opens more opportunities to travel. Certain countries require multiple COVID-19 tests to travel in and out of the country, and it can be costly to youth and the program.

"Will this trip interfere with my child's education?" - No. KBYWB works around the school calendar, and these trips are meant to encourage an enriching educational experience. Many youth use this to cover credits for school (With approval from an advisor), and for senior projects. Depending on the country, youth may miss a portion of their last Friday before the trip, but we strive to make the travel time easy and less timely.

"What type of supplies does my child need?" - Since we typically bring carry on bags when traveling abroad, We encourage youth to bring clothes they are willing to leave behind. Many youth bring clothes from good will for working, and donate to leave room for souvenirs. An official packing list will go out when trips are announced.

"What can we do to prepare for the trip?" - Prior to leaving the country, all youth should schedule an appointment with their doctor for recommended shots and immunizations. Youth/Parents will also need to call their bank to ensure they can use their debit card overseas. If parents choose, they may talk to their cellular company about travel plans (if not, youth will be able to call on internet, or purchase a sim card when overseas). Schedule your Passport Appointments early with USPS and make sure to bring all required documents to the appointment. These typically take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get, so the earlier this is done, the better.

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Costs Associated:

While KBYWB does give out scholarships and pays some trip expenses, there are still costs associated with the trips. Costs vary by Color the Community Participants, project location, and personal supplies such as passports and vaccines. We begin planning trips in early fall to give youth time to come up with the difference, and can cost anywhere between $1800-3700. Scholarships are available on a need basis.

Registration and Fees: $800-1200

Flights: $800-1500

Travel Insurance: $100

Food: $140

Passports: $288 (Expedited)

COVID-19 Testing: $50-$275

Additional Vaccines: $0-200

Program Pays for: KBYWB Swag items, Journals, and cultural emersion activities


In order to participate in the projects, students are expected to be respectful and responsible.

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