Klamath Basin Youth Without Borders


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Klamath Basin Youth Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that strives to help high school students of the Klamath Basin travel to various developing countries to show them a diverse culture while building with Habitat For Humanity and their global village projects. Our goal is to show our youth a culture different from their own and broaden their horizons while building homes for those in need.  


Statistics show students who travel to other countries are more likely to succeed in their college studies and to be more successful in their future job field. 


According to a study on USA Today, students who travel abroad are more likely to have a higher GPA than those who don’t, and are more likely to graduate high school.


K.B.Y.W.B. partners with Global Village. Global Village is a program run by Habitat for Humanity that allows for students to travel abroad to developing countries and build a house with village recipients. Because it is a program through Habitat for Humanity, their organization ensures the safety of the traveler by creating a safe environment during the trip. There is a coordinator who travels with the group, translates, and arranges food and accommodations. Since the organization does travel to third world countries, Habitat for Humanity ensures the safety of the area before trip departure and may cancel a trip if they feel it has become an unsafe environment.

Students use materials from that area to build a section of the house while learning more about a culture unlike their own. For example, Trinidad (2015) built the frame of the house, Macedonia (2016) did plastering for the walls, and Thailand (2007 & 2017) did brick work. In total the organization has done 6 trips.

Not only do students build along side the home owners, but they build alongside students from other cultures and future homeowners as well.